5 benefits of foldable headphones


Headphones come in different varieties and are beneficial in a lot of ways. Today they are used for various reasons. While the market floods with different kinds of headphones that come along with a whole lot of features, Foldable headphones are slowly gaining popularity and are becoming the preferred choice for a lot of people. These headphones make life very easy and can also be stored away without occupying too much of space. These are a perfect choice for anybody who wants to use a headphone and not worry about where they will keep it when it is not being used. They come in different shapes and sizes and are very comfortable to wear.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear

These headphones offer the user the best of both sides, while on one end you will find that they come with various kinds of features and on the other side, they can be collapsed and kept away without occupying too much of space. When you are shopping for such a headphone, you need to make sure that you look for one which will be really beneficial for you. Let us have a look at the 5 main benefits of why you should consider buying a foldable headphone.

They come in handy for various reasons

Just as the name suggests, the foldable headphones are very convenient for people to use. These are also beneficial for those who do not want to buy or wear headphones that are bulky in nature or are very big and can occupy a certain amount of space. These headphones are very compact in nature and still offer you a variety of features. Another good thing with such kinds of headphones is the fact that they portable and lightweight.

They have different kinds of features

Features hold a lot of importance when a person is considering to buy a headphone. Features are the main reason why people even think of buying a headphone. Features also play a vital role in the selection process. As a customer, we always want to make sure that the headphones we get give us various kinds of benefits in the form of features. The second best thing about foldable headphones is the fact that they have a variety of features that come along with them. Just like the regular headphones, these also offer the user a good experience and help us a lot of ways. Some of the most commonly known features that you will find will include

  • Noise cancelation – Just like the name suggests this is a feature that helps to ensure that the noise is retained inside the ear. They also help to ensure that they block all sounds coming into the ear. They are a little more expensive and may also require a battery while it is being used.
  • Noise isolation – Just as the name suggests, this is ideal for those people who wish to block any and all kinds of background noise. This is perfect for those people who travel a lot and are looking for a headphone that can help prevent the outside sound from getting in. This is a good feature especially when you are on the run or listening to something that is really important.
  • Frequency range – The frequency range can help enhance your listening experience. Each headphone comes with its own frequency range and this is also one of the reasons why the price is determined.
  • Cable and other small features – Some foldable headphones come with long cables. These cables can be either attached to the headphone or in some cases the cable can also be detached while storing it. The cable length is generally pretty long and allows the user to tuck his or her player into the pocket of backpack. Some cables also come with a remote that is fully functional and even inbuilt mics.
  • Comfort and portability – Another good thing about foldable headphones is the fact they are very comfortable to wear and can be carried easily. A lot of times people think that a foldable headphone may not be comfortable to wear, however that is not true. Even if you look at the large sized foldable headphones, they are still compact in nature and can be worn for a long time without any problems. The materials that are used are very soft in nature and provide the necessary padding. Most of the headphones come with their own carry case which makes it easier to store. The case is specially designed keeping in mind the headphone’s size and looks really good.

Here are examples of foldable headphones with mic:

  •  foldable headphones akg

  • AKG K450 Premium Foldable Headphone

  • Foldable closed headphonesfoldable closed headphones


They come in different sizes

Foldable headphones come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the person’s needs, they can go ahead and buy a headphone that will be perfect for them. While they are very convenient to use and do serve the purpose, not all of them can be the best choice. The size of the headphone is purely depended on what exactly you are looking for as well as the kind of use you have for them.

The size of the headphone plays a very important role for a person and also reflects a certain amount of style and characteristics that comes along with it. It goes without saying that the size is purely dependent on the person’s personal choice. The different kinds of foldable headphones that are available today in the market would be

  • Earbuds – These are very common today and are used by a lot of people. Since they are very small in size and can be stored away easily. These headphones generally come when you buy various kinds of music gadgets, phones etc. Most of them do not produce a very high sound but are really affordable and can be carried easily. The ear bud headphones come with a specially designed cushion that adds to the comfort when they are worn.
  • In Ear Canal – These sorts of headphones have a tip that is specially designed to sit into the user’s ear canal and helps to block the incoming noise. They are not generally used by a lot of people due to comfort reasons however are the perfect choice when you are looking for headphones with noise isolation feature.
  • Canal buds – These are also very similar to the in-ear headphones however the difference is that they sit just outside the ear canal and can be a little loose. They do have a better sound output than earbuds however they are not as good as in ear canal buds.
  • Lightweight – These headphones are generally worn over the person’s ear and to provide a comfortable experience they come with a small pair of cushions. These sorts of headphones do not cover the person’s ear completely.
  • Full-Size – The full sized headphones are also word over a person’s ear however these headphones cover the year completely. These headphones are really good and provide very good sound qualities; you will even find that they offer various kinds of features. The foldable ones in the full size are a perfect option for travelling. Though they have their own benefits, some of these headphones can end up being a little uncomfortable as a person ears may end up being very sweaty. Today there are different materials that are available which is designed to help ensure that if they are worn for a long time, they do provide the necessary protection to the ear in the best way possible

Wired and non-wired / Bluetooth headphones

Technology has advanced drastically and while you still get wired foldable headsets, you also have the benefit of opting for a foldable headset that comes without any wire. Just like the regular headphones, even foldable headphones have various kinds of options when it comes to choosing if you want to go for a wired or wireless headphone. The ability to choose the kind of headphone you would want to have is also the decision factor of what kind of a headphone a person would like to go for.

Wireless headsets

These wireless headsets are also very effective and can give you one of the best listening experiences you will ever get. Each of them have their own pros and cons but at the end of the day what really matters is how well you can handle them. Wireless foldable headphones generally need to be charged and come along with an adapter in some cases.


Since the time the Bluetooth technology was launched, it has made things really easy for us. Now not just our mobile phones, TV, laptops, music players and other such devices have this facility, it is also present in headphones. The Bluetooth headphones also give you a lot of benefits as they not only allow you to attach them to a mobile phone, you can also attach them to any kind of devise that has a Bluetooth feature. Some of them even come with a small plug in or dongle that acts like an adapter so that in case your device does not have a Bluetooth facility, you can still get to used your headphones. This is one of the most preferred headphones that are available today and can be used not just for listening to music, however it also lets you attend calls.

Wired foldable headphones

In the case of a wired headphone, the one main advantage is the fact that most of them do not need a power source, however there are a few models that are available which work on power also. These kinds of headphones have a pretty long and decent cable length and can be attached to both side if the ear plug/bud or even in one side. There are even some models that allow you to detach the cable when you are not using. The wires are generally free from oxygen and are of really good quality to ensure maximum benefit while in use. Though a lot of care has to be taken considering that if the wire gets cut then the headphone will be on no use in the event if the wire is attached to ear bud or plug, the detachable wires are also available in the market. Even these kinds of headphones come in different price range.

They are easily available and can fit your budget

Today the internet has given us the blessing to find headphones that can fit our budget, the same is applicable with foldable headphones. If you take a look at the headphones that are available today in the market, you can get them starting from a few dollars to even a couple of hundreds or sometimes even thousands depending on the kind of headset you choose as well as the purpose for which it will be used. There are spate one’s that can be used for regular purposes and you get separate ones that come for professional use which is generally found at recording studios. The brand, model and type of headphone plays a very vital role.

Be it for personal or professional use, foldable headphones with mic are slowly becoming a preferred choice by a lot of people. Today even the best companies come up with different kinds of foldable headphones that can be used by people of any age or profession. At the end of the day, when we talk about getting a headphone, we first look at the various features and benefits it has to offer. With so many benefits attached to it, foldable headphones are slowly but steadily gaining popularity in every form.

Even the material that is used for such headphones are of really good quality and are designed to make sure that when they are worn the user not only benefits form the different features but also has a comfortable experience while wearing them. Headphone manufacturers are coming up with different kinds of designs, styles and even trying to add new features that can enhance the benefits for the person who is using them. Folding headphones have become the alternative choice since they offer a good level of comfort along with it being easy to carry and maintain.