17 Best Earbuds for Small Ears

Best earbud options available in the market

Do you love music?

Music is something most people are associated with. Whether it’s a busy drive to the office or a rough day at work, music in the ears make the day a little better. Most people find music a very friendly companion throughout the day while cooking, working, driving, eating, reading and what not. Music certainly makes the day very pleasant for a lot of people.

True music lovers, are you one?

If you are one who loves music, you should also love your earbuds or headphones. Headphone users are the craziest music lovers and you will find quite a few of them in the crowd. However, people with earbuds are seen a lot more often. This brings us to the point that earbuds or headphones are a very important accessory in our lives and we tend to feel the essence only when we lose it or miss it.

Have you ever regretted missing your earbuds to work?

This is the most common scenario wherein people often forget to carry their earbuds to work and fret or either borrow earbuds from friends. In the hurry of leaving for office, the earbuds lying just beside your pillow is missed, which can bring a considerable amount of guilt throughout the day. You realize the importance of music and your earbuds on those unfortunate days.

Does your earbud give you a lot of problems?

Earbuds are a necessity but even in today’s modern technologically advanced environment, it is difficult to find the right pair of earbuds for an affordable price tag. There are several problems with respect to the earbuds like partial or one-sided music play, damage of earbuds during moderately rough usage, wire/connectors not working/responding aptly, etc. These problems disturb the mindset and psychology of an individual.These problems can make you cranky at your workplace or home and you might be slightly rude compare to your normal self.

Why do earbuds develop the defects?

Earbuds develop different defects over a period and there can be several reasons for the same. Let’s understand the reasons for specific problems and let’s try and derive solutions for the same while discussing them-

Why does your earpiece break so often?

Breaking or damage of earpiece can have primarily two reasons or justifications. One being rough usage and the other being poor earpiece quality. Most people today are known to store their headphones at all possible places without realizing the impact. Just like your phone screen, earpiece made of plastic can be delicate. Stuffing it in your pocket, bags, or backpacks with other hard substances can obviously make it more prone to damage.

While you are sleeping, if you accidentally sleep on your earphones or drop them from your bed, the earpiece might be severely damaged. These are primary careless reasons for earpiece damage, which can ultimately make your earphone of no use. The solution to this is to use the earpiece with some care as you would care your smartphone or any other delicate electronic device.

How is your earpiece material quality?

Earpiece material quality is another important discussion aspect. Considering the low or mid-level earphone range, most earpieces come with a plastic quality material. The plastic material isn’t so comfortable to the ear and strength-wise too it is very delicate. If the earpiece is made of a strong material like the stainless steel or aluminum or even with any other strong material, it can be far more sturdy compared to the plastic ones. If you like rough, go for aluminum or stainless-steel material earpiece.

Can moisture or dust or water spoil your earpiece?

Most earphones in the market are not waterproof and hence, over exposure to moisture or water can spoil the earpiece permanently. It is essential to protect the earpiece from elements like moisture and dust. Many people hence carry earphone pouches, which makes quite a lot of sense as it eases portability and protects the earphone from possible damage from these external agents. Most reputed brands in the upper mid segment offer such pouches or similar portable accessories that help in protecting the earpiece.

What’s with the cable wire?

Have you experienced or seen people setting their cable wire right just before plugging them into their pods or smartphones? It is so embarrassing and a time waste activity, which even makes many people uncomfortable to try and plug their earphones in public. The type of cable wire chosen or available with the earphone is responsible for this unfortunate activity. The modern earphones even in the budget range have strangled free wire technology that allows easy setup of wire without the need to uncoil the earphones each time before use.

Is your earphone cable quality poor?

Earphone cable quality can be poor. This is seen very often with budget earplugs. These earplug cables have very weak attachments to the buttons which can eventually result in breaking of earphones from the call accept/reject button region. Also, the external coating of the wire is cheap and over usage, it might just wear out making way for exposure to the naked wires which are very delicate.

Designer earphones which appear like zipping or are themed according to different colors might be attractive to look at but might not be sturdy. These earphones are usually cheap and appear trendy but functionality wise they can be a true waste of money. The effort is only to make the outer layer appear trendier and the quality or durability aspect is neglected. This primarily why you change your earplugs so often.

The top 5 earplugs available in the market currently

Let’s now list the top 5 earplug options currently available in the market so that you don’t have to deal with the problems discussed above. Hopefully, one of these earplugs shall remain your companion for a few years just to break the pattern of changing earplugs so often. List begins with #5 on the list-


It is difficult to keep Sony brand out when discussing music or camera. In both these fields, Sony has a distinct image, which is way sound than any other reputed brand that offers so many electronic products. The earplugs come with powerful deep bass effect, which is probably the best way to enjoy some of the best tracks.

There is an integrated microphone that makes way for accepting/rejecting of calls. It also acts as an interface to control playback when paired with the smartphone. The earbuds are made of silicone material, which is very comfortable and fits in appropriately in the ear. The presence of high energy neodymium magnets makes room for some powerful sound. It comes with the tangle-free wires (very useful), which is a ‘Y’ shaped flat cord.

This product was ordered by over 2.3k people and has received very good reviews. Best in Class features and positive rating makes us recommend the Sony MDRXB50AP. This is the most popular product amongst the options.

Fiio EX1

Fiio is a relatively new brand and has a lower customer base when compared with brands like Sony. However, in terms of quality, technology and value this brand has brought, this product Fiio EX1 certainly exceeds the Sony earplugs. The earplugs use Anotech Titanium Diaphragm Drivers, which can deliver an even response in terms of power across frequencies. The construction of earpiece is very solid and durable. With high-quality full metal construction that additionally uses anodized duralumin in the back part of the earpiece. Additionally, stainless steel coating is used in the front portion of the earpiece.

The earpiece has been designed in a unique way that ensures comfort even when wearing for longer durations. Use of the most purified form of OFC copper coupled with the 250D Kevlar fiber strands (that are usually used in bullet-proof objects) helps in the highest amount of durability and strength. This construction also results in superior sonics and hence, is one of the most durable earplugs in this segment.





Are you looking for earbuds for your kid or your have delicate and lucky small ears? Given that the huge market for small earbuds offers an assortment of shapes and styles you may feel that finding the ideal pair would be simple but the more you explore, you could feel spoilt for choice. You may feel like you’re at a genuine inconvenience when looking for the best earbuds for small ear canals. Let us take away a portion of the mystery. Here we discuss about headphones for small ears.  Even if you need extra small earbuds then must check entire post. Also looking for child earbuds and headphones. We have discussed smallest bluetooth earbuds as well as mini bluetooth earbuds and headsets then see here.

Earbuds are by far the most functional accessory. They facilitate hands-free and personalized access to music, conversation and much more making being on the go much simpler. But wait, do you have a tough time finding the best pair of earbuds because they just keep dropping off your ears? That is an annoying situation because everything gets interrupted and walking the street trying to have it in place with a bent head is not the best idea. Who knows, you might look like a maniac doing that (pun intended).

Well, here is good news. You too can own the perfect pair of earbuds. This is what you need to know. Although earbuds come in standard sizes, there are similar earbuds for small ears. They are designed to stay put in the smallest ears. Besides adults with small ears, the earbuds for small ears are suitable for children, too. These smallest earbuds come as loaded with features as ones in regular size. They are similar to the other earbuds and help you find your right pair.

Checkout Some Earbuds for small ears from amazon here or You can read our detailed reviews below this.

The best small earphones for you are the ones that are comfortable to the point that you can almost overlook you are wearing them. The correct size of small earbuds ensures that they neither bring about a squeezing feeling nor do they drop out of the ears. A pair of comfortable fitting earphones ought to fit cozily inside your ear waterway without any twist or turn. These wireless earbuds for small ears can be good fit for out door activities for kids and other’s too.

Further you will get to know what matters when buying a pair of earphones for small ears along with some of the best options you can pick from.


Comparison for Best Earbuds for Small Ears ( 2017 updated)

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Top 5 Best small earbuds for small ears

  1.  Earphones for small ears by Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones

Discreet Invisible Tiny and comfortable Bose In-Ear Headphones review for kids, Teenager, Woman
Earbuds for small ear canals

Outline: One of the best earbuds for small ears 2016 as per customer reviews. Bose is known for sound quality and these earphones are no special case; tonally adjusted with in-ear StayHear® silicone delicate tips, Bose SoundSports® in-ear headphones are intended to stay in and confront the rigors of the present day on-the-go lifestyle. These are also very good noise cancelling earbuds.

Use for Single ear, tiny,comfortable,loud, Tangle free Bose In-Ear Headphones review-12

Sound Quality: Eminent not just for their individual music or talk models, additionally in light of the fact that the StayHear® tips come in Little, Medium and Expansive with the accompanying measurements: Stature: 0.8 inch, Width: 1 inch, Profundity: 0.42 inch – making them one of the best earphones for little ears. The link length is wonderful 42 creeps and incorporates garments cut. This will make it a top earbud for little ears in 2016.


  1. Sennheiser Momentum in-Ear headphone for small Ears

Stylish IEM S bluetooth Sennheiser Momentum In Ear (iOS version) - Black Red

Outline: It is a Great small ear compatible earbuds in the year of 2014 or one of the best earbuds for small ears 2014.

Fit: Alluring and nitty gritty, these Sennheiser earphones make the rundown because of their ergonomically planned, customizable 15 degrees point and 4 multi-sized earbud connector set tips that come standard in the case in sizes; XS, SM, M, L.

colorful earpod red beats Durable

Sound Quality: With an interesting stainless steel sound waterway and 3 catch in-line remote, Force offers awesome sound and convenience with style. We trust these earphones are the best headphones for small ears and therefore, a top decision for individuals with littler ears to buy. The Sennheiser earbuds small ears come in both iOS and Android variants.

You can check more of best earbuds for small ears reviews here.


  1. Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphone for sensitive ears

colorful earpod red beats Durable Blue Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphone - White

Fit: From small earphones to versatile speakers, Beats by Dr. Dre, now part of the Apple group of items, is a pioneer in the realm of sound.

Outline: UrBeats In-Ear Earphone is a commendable expansion to their far-reaching item list, offering preeminent sound in a strong metal lodging extraordinarily intended to anticipate vibrations or permit outside sound to spill in with earbuds for tiny ear holes.

Explosive bass guy noise cancelling bluettoth headphone Blue beat

Sound Quality: An ultra-adaptable sans tangle 47.25-inch line gives a decent length while the standard consideration of 4 sets different estimated ear tip fittings makes this pair one of the best earbuds for little ears.


  1. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

wireless headphone itchy throat cotton Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Looking for  small ear canal earbuds then check out this deal.

Outline: Not at all like other earphones, have Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones had an interesting shape that is adaptable and completely adjustable; fitting over the ear with a position of safety outline that rests serenely fit as a fiddle.

Available in purple white blue itchy throat cotton Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver reviews

Sound Quality: The Gold plated MMCX connector has a lock-snap instrument that permits an entire 360-degree turn while the extensive and solid Kevlar™ fortified 64-inch link is separable and replaceable.

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver review

Fit: It incorporates Sound Confining sleeves in three sizes, S, M and L that make a redid fit, as well as serve to square forming so as to surround commotion a decent seal with the adaptable dark froth tips.


  1. JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow for earbuds for small ear canals

This is one of the cheapest earbuds for small ears or for babies.

Sound Quality: For really small ears this pair of small earphones is the best among all. The JVC name is synonymous with quality shopped items. You can be guaranteed you’re acquiring a very much grown thing at whatever point you pick JVC. What makes their HAFX32B Marshmallow the best earbuds for little ears is their adjustable foam tips.

Ultimate ear etymotic Zeimax Q38i Super Bass Inear Headphon

Outline: Most ear tips are elastic or silicone however JVC picked to be different, altogether different. Elastic and silicone tips are flexible and, for the most part, agreeable, however, can’t change shape to coordinate your individual life systems. The HAFX32B accompany two sizes of tips, and can be effectively sliced to a significantly smaller size or different shape. These features make this pair the best headphones for small ears.

Fit: Flexible foam is extremely agreeable for broadened periods, doesn’t effortlessly move, and offers incredible sound disengagement.

What’s more, JVC’s HAFX32B doesn’t have awful solid at its cost point either. The bass is clear with little mutilation at high volumes and adjusted well to the mids and highs for the earbuds for small ears with mic. These don’t have the normal tin-can feeling that you anticipate from most spending plan headsets.


Earbuds for small ears are no hidden secret as they are needed for discrete requirements like that by teenager, woman, kid or anyone with small ears. They need not be invisible when worn in single ear but must be comfortable even in tiny ears. There are different types of earbuds like tangle free, noise cancelling for places with loud noise and iem. They look stylish when used with Bluetooth. You can also wear it when sleeping. Pick any one of marshmallow, hf3, colorful or earpod. You can also pick red beats if they suit you. Buy ibeat if you need something durable but not explosive on pockets. If you are a guy who loves high bass, enjoy it with bluetooth headphone or wireless headphone. They come in various colors like purple, white and blue. Plug them on and sing loud with an itchy throat like you have cotton in your ears. Ultimate ear comfort is guaranteed. Best ones to pick up are etymotic or brands like iphone5, jvc, Philips, shure, bose, flash etc.



If you are looking for best earbuds with mic and volume control then check our reviews here.

Why choose earbuds for small ears?

While choosing good ear buds for you, it is very natural that you will always select the gadgets that are comfortable to wear, cheap in matters of price and looks elegant. They have also gained much popularity since a variety of ear buds in diverse colors; range and type have been launched in the market but the only problem that strikes if you have a small pair of the ear than average ones. For that, one need to hunt the perfect earphones that fit easily into the tiny ears. In fact, some people do face problems when their earphones drop off while running, working out, or while traveling. It’s high time when you stop fidgeting with the ear buds and get the perfectly sized ear buds for yourself. If you are even looking an earphone for kids that fit them easily or if they have delicate ears then you can choose the headset that is mend for extra small narrow war canals and even treats earaches. Eventually, the sound volume will be low, clear and smooth so that it does not damage or hurt the ear buds. It is recommendable if you choose ear buds according to their age as the headsets used for kids are completely different from the earphone that is used by adults.

Dairle Small Earbud,EP177 is a fantastic pair of small earphones that qualifies for its good sound quality, noise isolation, durability, functionality and comfort. It comes with microphone stereo headphones that are compatible with iPhone 5, 6, 6s Plus as well as other phones, pads and tablets that support 3.5 mm jack.

For music fanatics, it is a brilliant choice as they have environmental TPE cord with strong ABS plug that supports usage over a long period of time. With these small earbuds on, you can enjoy one button online microphone, end/answer calls besides Stop/Play/Next Music options right from the earphones.

These earbuds are so comfortable for small ears that you can comfortably wear it throughout the day and even go to bed with these on. The sturdy cords will keep up with all the stress you may put these best headphones for small ears through.


Rowkin Bit Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds with Mic. Smallest Cordless Hands-Free In-Ear Earphones Headsets with Portable Charger & Noise Reduction for Running and iPhone. (Space Gray)                       

This wireless ear buds by Rowkin eliminates all the hassles and tangled wires from your everyday life. Delivering a clear quality sound this device is ideal for anytime use. It also has a unique design with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The standard size of the ear buds makes it perfect to make a snugly fit in the ears. It has strong noise cancellation power and is considered one of the smallest Bluetooth ear buds. You can also connect to calls and enjoy the power of good music on the go. The trendy and compact device is also backed by a in built microphone and also includes a portable charging technology. To make the best use of this device, order the one of the smallest wireless ear buds from the link mentioned below.

LINK- https://www.amazon.com/Rowkin-Bluetooth-Headphones-Hands-Free-Earphones/dp/B01KBQ6GQ4

 iAltCom Gab Gear Ear-Hook Earphones are a pair of supremely comfortable earbuds. They are undoubtedly one of the best earbuds for small ears this season as they offer absolutely noise free stereo sound system with noise isolating technology. They come with ear hooks that keep the earphones placed intact while you sport around.

This pair of earbuds is powered with built-in microphone and in-line button control to make the experience hassle free and definitely the best headphones for small ears. As a sport fanatic, you can keep best running earbuds for small ears plugged in while on tracks. They are not just functional but have attractive looks with red and black color block and a sleek flat lab design that directs the sound waves directly in your ears.

The anti- tangle cord, sweat resistant material and stylish ear hooks make it a pair of small earbuds to grab. It is compatible Laptops, Tablets, Game Player Units, Samsung G3 G4, Galaxy S5 S6, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG G3/4/5, PC, iOS, iPhone 4 5/5S 6/6S Plus/6 6s, iPad, iPod and other gadgets that have 3.5 mm universal jack.


This bluetooth earbuds for small ears is made by Trufusion. It is one of the most comfortable in ear headphones for small earbuds with bluetooth that deliver powerful sound quality with enhanced bass. They are made with water proof  and sweat proof material making it suitable for use during high performance activities like gymming and running.

The stereo headset with built-in microphone offers dynamite stereo sound in earbuds for small ear canals. The finest features are durability, light-weight and the ergonomic neck band making this pair the best headphones for small ears. The neck band allows you to work out in most rigorous ways without dropping the earphones or hurting yourself in an attempt to keep them plugged in.

Check bluetooth earbuds for small ears If you love being the center of attention, this ultra- stylish pair of earbuds with a stylish yet minimalistic design, featuring trumoto’s “Ergonomic Dual Magnetic” technology will be the best pick for you. Enjoy music with bluetooth headset for small ear.


FOCUSPOWER QY19 Mini is a pair of light-weighted bluetooth headphones with microphone for small ear canals. These earbuds have become the newest sensation in mobile accessories. This pair of earphones is a V4.1 wireless sport stereo earbuds built with noise cancelling technology.

The sweat proof material makes it an ideal choice for outdoorsy people. These small earphones for small ear canals soffer comfortable fit for small ears, superior sound quality with rich bass and a rich musical experience with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and other compatible audio gadgets that have 3.5 mm jack.

These wireless earbuds for small ears can be charged with USB charger and is powered with dual battery system that gives it 200% battery life. Built with waterproof material, it has the intelligent noise reduction technology that filters environment noise to give you the best possible noise isolation for a clear sound experience. Must try these small earphoness for small ears this time. This can be best wireless earbuds for small ears this season.


GoNovate G10 Bluetooth Earbud, Smallest Wireless Headset with 5.5 Hour Playtime, Earphone with Mic for iPhone/Samsung/Galaxy and Other Smartphones

Go Novate is regarded as one of the smallest wireless ear buds  you have ever come across. This ear buds allow a continuous nonstop music for long 6hours. The compact design makes it perfect for any shaped ears. This maintains a comfort fit delivering a clear sound. It can pair up with most of the recognized devices and can allow you to make calls anytime. It has multiport that allows you to connect with device more than one. It is also paired up with a ear bud cover to keep your device safe after use. If you want to shop this smallest Bluetooth ear buds for your loved ones, then order it from the link mentioned below.

LINK – https://www.amazon.com/GoNovate-G10-Bluetooth-Smallest-Smartphones/dp/B01I07IW1I

Audiophile Earphone is one of the best earphones for small ears that give you the best quality sound a pair of IEM Earphones can ever give you. Given its size, it offers very comfortable fit for small ears. Built wioth modern technology, it has an outstanding noise isolating feature that lets you enjoy the true sounds.

The finely-tuned 16 Ohm impedance enables powerful sound from low-output devices as well in earbuds for small ear canals. If you are a bass detailing lover, these are just for you as it has awesomely clear and great hifi on bass highs & mids. This ultimate sound experience can set any task rocking.

This pair of best headphones for small ears is compatible with all popular gadgets like iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and other audio devices that have 3.5 mm jack. Whether it is the everyday desk job, morning workout or a pumping gym session, these earphones will be your best companion. The comfort will not even let you realize that you have them plugged in.


This headphone offers you sound with greater quality due to its powerful bass stereo. Due to its various sizes of ear adapters, you can customize its fit in the ear canal which gives extraordinary noise isolation capability. You can use carrying pouch for handy storage. It is built-tough for rough usage. Sennheiser has covered any damage to the headphones with a 2-year warranty.  Many people, who used it, loved it. According to them, under this range it the best headphone which offers high sound quality and long durability. Now you can use it while running or doing a workout. Even though, it has multiple sizes of ear adapters, yet unable to do complete noise isolation. Sennheiser CX 300-II is for best buy for those who are looking to upgrade in ear buds headphones under your budget For more information and details click here


  • Great sound quality
  • Built with high-quality material
  • best wireless earbuds for small ears
  • Value for Money
  • The cord length is just great
  • Connections are properly reinforced
  • Comfortable earphones for small ears
  • kid safe earbuds


  • Not complete noise isolation
  • No casing is provided


 Type of Earbuds

  • Hidden
  • Discreet
  • Teenager
  • Woman
  • Kid
  • Invisible
  • Single Ear
  • Tiny
  • Comfortable
  • Diffrent
  • Tangle Free
  • loud
  • iem
  • stylish
  • Bluetooth
  • Sleeping
  • Marshmallow
  • hf3
  • colorful
  • earpod
  • red beats
  • Durable
  • ibeat
  • Explosive
  • bass
  • guy
  • noise cancelling
  • bluettoth headphone
  • wireless headphone
  • purple
  • white
  • blue
  • itchy throat
  • cotton
  • altec
  • Ultimate ear
  • etymotic
  • Brands like iphone5, ipod,jvc,philips,shure,bose,flash
  • Best IEM under 200


How to decide best wireless earbuds for small ears?

One of the most annoying moment in one’s life when you have to wiggle and fiddle with the ear buds slipping off from the ears. The size of an ear can never be the same for everyone. One might have small ear canals while another one possesses a bit different. So if you are enquiring about the ear buds and its vast sizes then you can definitely find the suitable one. There are few earbuds designed for children and aged people that operate mildly and with care while there are ear buds mend for adults which you can operate and adjust its size as well. If you want to eliminate the hassles of tangled wires, messy knots in between the earbuds then you can also get the wireless and Bluetooth ear pieces available in the commercial websites. For better suggestions, you can also grab the over the ear headsets that keeps a pace with the trend and fashion and even discards the ear size problems. Majorly topping the list of earphones for small ears these brands namely, Bose Sound sport, Moshi, Beats ur beats, Etymotic, Symphonized and more have turned out to be the best for tiny ears.

This headphone offers exceptional bass-driven sound and excellent noise isolation. It reproduces life-like natural with its dynamic sound reproduction. It guarantees high-quality sound by blocking out noise from outside and hence falls under the category of best in ear headphones. It gives you a comfortable fit with it’s three different sizes (S/M/L) silicone gel adaptors. With these different sized adaptors, you can customize your fit.

Apart from this, it has smart in-line controls with a microphone which help you in answer or end calls, change volume and song tracks. This is specially made for Apple products like iPads, iPhones and iPods. For more information.


  • High-quality sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • best wireless earbuds for small ears
  • Value for the money
  • Great portability and mobility
  • Soft earbuds for small ears
  • kid safe earbuds


  • Picks up unwanted noise


This headphone is ideal for everyday usage due to its light weight design. Its earphones fit into ear canals to give you the exact feel of the music. It reproduces the deepest bass, soaring highs, and ultra-clear midrange which enable you to enjoy your music to the fullest. It’s sealed in-ear built blocks out unwelcoming noise from outside.

The light weight of the headphone makes it durable. It has inbuilt mike which let you talk hand-free. Also, it has a three-way button on cable enables you to switch your soundtracks. This kind of quality is hard to find in the headphones. For more information.


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Different sizes of ear bud.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Value for money.
  • Comfortable earbuds for small ears
  • kid safe earbuds


  • Poor quality material


Rowkin Mini Plus+ Wireless Headphone, Bluetooth 4.1 Earbud with Mic. Smallest Cordless Hands-free Stereo Earphone Headset with Portable Charger & Noise Reduction (BUY 2 for Stereo Sound) – Space Gray

Rowkin Headphone is one of the best smallest Bluetooth ear buds available in the market. It can pair up easily without any hassle of wires delivering superb sound quality. It has a high battery life that allows 4-5 hours of non-stop music at one go. It is also one of the smallest wireless ear buds that can operate on the commands of SIRI. It also has several points that allow connectivity with several devices at one point of time. It has water-proof nano coating technology that makes the ear buds total waterproof making it ideal to use during your jogging time, cycling and gym. You can connect this with several devices. Get one from the link down below.

LINK – https://www.amazon.com/Rowkin-Headphone-Bluetooth-Hands-free-Reduction/dp/B01IU5ZTKC

What to look for when choosing earbuds for small ears

Buying the right pair of earphones for small ears is quite a task as it calls for a fair understanding of sound quality and comfort along with product durability. Wireless earphones or Bluetooth headsets make a hands free experience lot easier and comfortable. The small earphones are usually bought for kids to fit well in their small ear canals.

The major challenges that a buyer of small earphones is likely to face include poor fit in tiny ears, less than average sound quality due to poor fit and lack of sturdiness in cheaper products. A well fitted pair of earphones stays on while playing sports, running etc. making it easy to handle. The earphones that come with angular ear loops offer more comfort as the user with extra small ear canals does not have to be bothered about the ear buds falling out of their ear or an ear ache that builds up due to usage of ear buds for a long period of time.

Sturdiness ensures that the earphones last long despite of being handled roughly. While most of the ear phones in the market these days offer a reasonably good sound quality, experiencing the brilliance remains subject to their fit.

 Best earbuds For small ears for 2017

Earbuds for Hidden Discreet Teenager Woman Kid Invisible
Hidden,Invisible Discreet  Earbuds for Teenager Woman  & Kid 

white earbuds for small ears
White earbuds for small ears

Altec Ultimate ear headphones
Altec Ultimate ear headphones

Jabra best-headphones-for-small-ears- in black
Jabra best headphones for small ears in black

Best Bluetooth smallest earbuds for small ears
Best Bluetooth smallest earbuds for small ears

noise cancelling mini Bluetooth headphone
Noise cancelling mini Bluetooth headphone

wireless Earphone black tip
Small wireless Earphone black tip

Pink earpod beats Durable
Pink earpod beats Durable

Red ibeat Explosive bass guy
Red ibeat Explosive bass guy

Best Sleeping Marshmallow hf3 colorful
Best Sleeping Marshmallow hf3 colorful

Best Bluetooth Earbuds for small ears
Best Bluetooth Earbuds for small ears

Earbuds for Single Ear Tiny Comfortable Diffrent
Smallest Sony earbuds for small ears in blue Color

Tangle Free loud iem stylish earbuds
Tangle Free loud iem stylish earbuds

How to Choose Correct wireless Small Ear Earbuds/ headphones?

When you are buying a pair of small earphones or best earbuds for kids, there are so many things you can think of like, what will I use it for, how much will I be using it, what kind of looks do I need etc. but there are more things to look at. Unless placed properly, not even the best among in-ear headphones for small ears can be a perfect pick. Below are the most important things to look at while buying you a new pair of headphones small:

Get The Right Size:

The most important factor to an ultimate headphone fit is utilizing the correct size of ear tip for small ears. By trying the different sizes of ear tips provided with the headphones, you can figure out the small earphones that fits you best. There are good chances that your one ear is smaller than the other. In case of a slight difference, the ear tips will not be needed in different sizes but if there is a great difference, you might need to utilize different sizes for both ears in order to ensure a comfortable fit. So try small earphones for small ears.

Seat the ear tip solidly:

For the most stable and comfortable fit, you have to ensure sealing of your ear trench with the ear tips of earbuds for small ears while running. So essentially pushing an ear tip in your ear regularly isn’t sufficient to make a legitimate seal. Try delicately pulling on the outer edge of your ear delicately to guide the tip into an agreeable position with earbuds. You ought to experience a drop in surrounding commotion once the tip of small earphones headphones small is accurately placed. Also, while listening to the music, you’ll experience better details – the bass being the most noticeable. Here is the detailed collection of best bass earbuds for 2016-17 for you.

Ensure security during sports:

If you drop earphones while working out, have a go at circling the link that interfaces across the rear of your head to the highest point of every earbuds. There are ear tips that have an angular shape to fit better into the ear channel. For such ear tips, one must put the side stamped “L” into the right ear and the side marked “R” into the left ear. Few manufacturers like Shure are to be worn in the above fashion, so it is important to check them before swapping sides to experience ultimate comfort withr the earbuds for small ears running or headphones small.

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What are the Types of Children Earbuds/headphones and How to choose them?

Small In-ear Headphones for 4 year old/ 7 year old Child’s Ears:

Since a kid’s ears are smaller than an adult’s, standard headphones built for grown-ups might be uncomfortable for them to use. best earbuds for kids come with smaller ear tips with microphone   for better usability for small ears, often called as small earphones. Not all headphones for kids are made differently than headphones for grown-ups, however, so you ought to check the priorities before making a buy.

Outer Ear Headphones for Children:

Outer ear headphones are worn over the ear as opposed to inside it. The speakers position the ear to direct music toward it without obstructing the outer ear channel. Therefore, the user can still normally hear what’s happening around him or her. Now and then, the speakers can likewise be kept outward, far from the ear, to hear different sounds while listening to music to a lesser degree. By and large, these headphones are safer to use in light of the fact that the volume is normally constrained because of their separation from the ear.

Besides being safe, outer ear headphones are simpler to fit due to the fact that the snare that bends around the ear fits quite many people. A few might discover these headphones desirable over ones with ear tips as there is little stress of a poor fit and uneasiness.

Designed In-Ear Headphones for Children:

Designed headphones have somewhat more “oomph” on the style front than the normal pair of headphones. They’re often shaded or formed or painted to take after skulls or creatures. Sparkle and rhinestones are likewise ordinarily used to design earphones. Whenever worn, the headphones may look more like gems or another trendy adornment, as opposed to headphones. Like originator garments and scents, creator headphones are by and large more expensive than the normal ones.

A few brands are more focused on feel than others; for instance, Skullcandy is well known for its one of a kind style of headphones so it is easy to pick earbuds for small ears Skullcandy. Shockingly, there isn’t a substantial market for creator headphones for children, so accessibility might be constrained.

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Best Headphones for small ears :

Before going further with the above list of headphones and boils them to top 5 headphones, lets us know their types. This will help you to decode your suitability to these headphones.


Over-the-Ear Headphones:

These Headphones have ear cups which cover the ears entirely. Compare to other types, these headphones are very large. The diaphragm of these headphones is away from ears and ear padding sits behind ears which give you a perfect surround sound and an outstanding sound quality.


  • Since these headphones cover the entire ear, it provides perfect noise isolation.
  • It gives you an excellent sound stage and exceptional sound quality.
  • It gives you a feel of surround sound, plus these headphones can be wearing for longer periods.


  • Due to ear padding and heavy diaphragm, it is bulky and thus, can’t be used while travelling or on-the-move.
  • These headphones get costlier as you go down to better surround sound and excellent sound quality.
  • Consume more power than other headphones

In-ear Headphones:

These are one of the popular headphones due to their compactness and good sound quality. It has small ear-tips which seal your ear canal opening and gives noise isolation. These headphones are mostly provided by smartphone companies.


  • These headphones are low priced and hence affordable.
  • Easy to carry due to its light-weight, these will definitely help you to buy the best headphones  2016
  • Since it sits just at the opening of an ear canal, it really gives a good sound quality.


  • The build quality of these headphones is low and they get damaged easily when used roughly.
  • Average noise isolation is another drawback.

Earbud Headphones:

Remember these headphones; we used them with “Sony Walkman”. These headphones just sit loosely in your outer ears. These headphones are cheap and easy to carry.


  • These headphones are compact and portable.
  • Very cheap in price.


  • It does not block outside noise.
  • It fits poorly in the ears and thus falls out frequently.
  • It hurts the ears if used for longer periods.

Parameters used for the finalizing top 5 in ear headphones:

  1. Comfort: Unlike other electronics devices, we wear it. So, the comfort of fitting it in/on ears and ear canals is most important. For long-term satisfaction, headphones must be comfortable, though it must vary according to customers. One can only know his/her level of comfort when they actually wear the product. Therefore, before doing final purchase, you must type of headphone suits your ears.
  1. Specification and Sound quality: Being a layman in this technical world of headphones, reading specification won’t help you in finding the right product. Therefore, you must use ears to understand the quality of the sound rather than reading specs and not understanding anything. A quality headphone will produce the sound fine balance between bass and treble. The best way to audit a headphone is to listen to music from them for several hours (if you are an online shopper then read reviews of the product).
  1. Durability and Warranty: Headphones gets damaged frequently because of rough usage. Companies like Sony, Beat, Sennheiser, etc have started giving one or two years warranty on their products.

We hope this list will help you in finalizing suitable headphones. Well, these were all about the best headphones under 50. Being a music enthusiast, I do understand the importance of quality as well as other features of headphones which give you a soothing experience on the long run. Above list shows that it not always required to have expensive headphones to listen to a quality sound, one can also experience the same with less expensive and cheaper headphones.  What is more, if you want to enjoy the excellent quality music you can use a Bluetooth headphone but you really need to make sure you buy one which is the best.

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Have you been planning to pamper yourself with a new pair of earbuds? The idea of buying a pair of earbud style headphones is brilliant as they have created waves and have been a much sought after accessory since the past decade. Also, it is a great idea as they will keep you hooked to doing things you may not want to do otherwise. But before you think any further, ask yourself if you have always experienced discomfort while wearing earbuds in the past. If yes, you might be having small ears which call for a conscious buying decision for small earphones. Read on to find out some of the best earbuds for small ears that can be bought in a small budget of 25 dollars! Check out detailed info for mini bluetooth headset, we have reviewed here.

Final Words:

If you are looking for earphones for very tiny ears, then you need to check out this article. Try to chalk out all the earbuds that satisfies your needs and then look out for the best that suits you. JVC’s HAFX32B is what I recommend, if you are looking for all purpose small ears earbuds. Rest depends on you! Well don’t forget to share your views with me. And any suggestions will be appreciated!