5 best noise cancelling earbuds


Ear buds are generally comes along with different kinds of gadgets and are generally given as a freebee. These ear pieces fit perfectly into the ear canal and is designed to ensure that they do not cause any kind of harm. There are different styles of ear buds that are available in the market today. Some of the best ear buds that you will find today would include:

The Bose Sound true Ultra Review

If you are looking for an ear bud that is comfortable when its worn ad helps to isolate external noises and sound, with a good design, then this is an ear bud that you can consider. These are one of the the best noise cancelling earbuds . These comfortable ear buds secure perfectly into your ears and is loaded with various kinds of features and provide a really good sound quality. It is compatible with most kinds of devices and comes I Black or White colors and they also come in specifications for Android and Apple devices and can be used while taking calls also.Have a look at awesome design


Designed for a perfect fit

When you look at the design of these ear buds, it is just like a min canister and is made from a very good quality plastic. A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the ear bud is designed so that it fits perfectly and does not harm the ear in any manner. It has also been designed to ensure that it gives the best hearing experience. Another good thing about the way the headphone is designed is to ensure that it isolates the external noises. You can consider them as high end  noise cancelling i


Body design of the earphones.

The inner rim of the bud is made to ensure that it fits perfectly into the ear canal, however thanks to the post that comes along with the ear bud, it helps to prevent it from going deep into your ear. The post on its own is also helps to protect the noise that is coming in.  The tips of the ear plugs come in three sizes that is small medium and large and all the three sizes are included. Small size earbuds are good for children as their small ear canal remain very delicate. These ear buds can be worn the entire day and a person will still not feel uncomfortable in a way.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones II review

Sound quality of the ear phones

These ear buds have a superior sound quality and will still allow the person to hear properly even if they are in a noisy area. The user will not only get the benefit of getting to a rich and deep sound while they are listening to music, however even when they are talking on the phone, there will be a voice clarity while the person is talking. The various kinds of distractions that can be caused is also sealed away so that it does not come in the way of you listening to your music or talking on the phone. The bass is not very heavy and is perfect for those who do not want that heavy bass sound. These are one of the earphones which you can use as noise cancelling earphones for gym.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones II review

Easily portable and compact to carry

Another good thing about this ear bud is the fact that they can be carried anywhere since they are so light weight and are portable. They also come with a special case that can be carried anywhere. Even when the ear buds are stored, the cord will not get tangled. The case that comes along with the ear buds is not heavy and designed to store them perfectly.

In built remote and mic

Another good thing about these ear buds is the fact that has an in-built remote that is fully functional. It also has a mic which is designed to make sure that your voice is very clear while you are talking. The mic is so powerful that even in the nosiest areas it will still be very clear. If you are fling to UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada or India, This can be the best noise cancelling earphones for flying.


Focal sphere ear buds Reviews

The Focal sphere ear buds is an affordable headphone that has good features along with a nice design and offers sound quality. They are designed to ensure that the user is comfortable and is a perfect choice for those who used ear buds for a longer time. They are comfortable to wear and light weight making it easy to carry. It is loaded with different kinds of accessories that come along with the ear bud.


Variety of accessories to suit your needs

When you buy this ear bud, you will get two sets of tips one which is a foam set and the other a silicone set. It also comes with a small yet light weight carry case that can fit anywhere and is designed to ensure that the ear bud is protected when it is stored inside.  It also comes with a special adapter so that it can be used while you are sitting in an aircraft.

Good performance and sound quality

If you are riding motorcycle  and would like to listen music then this can be best noise cancelling earphones for motorcycle as it helps to isolate the noise. The bass is full and ripe while it has a pleasantly crisp treble. It gives a very good balance while listening to music and for the price that you pay for this ear bud, it is worth. The vocals are also really good and clear. Even when you talk on the phone, the call quality is really good making this a perfect choice for a headset.

Design of the Focal sphere ear bud

The ear bud is made from a good quality plastic and is designed to fit perfectly into the ears. It comes along with a mic and remote control which is fully functional and allows you to even take calls just by the press of a button. It is a study piece and comes with a cord that has a decent sized length. It is designed in such a way that it can fit any device and is also compatible with computers, MP3 players, smartphones and even tablets.

Mic and remote control of the ear bud

Since this is an ear bud that allows you to perform various tasks, the good thing is that the mic is located high up on the cable’s left side. The remote is located just close to the Y junction of the cable and has a single button. This button on its own allows you to skip, rewind, pause, play and even answer an incoming call. In short, the remote is a universal one.


Bowers and Wilkins C5-S2 review

A ear bud that is classy looking and has very good clarity, the Bowers and Wilkins C5-S2is something that you can consider. This ear bud has a design that is known as a secure loop which is adjustable and eye catching. If you opt to buy this ear bud, it will come along with a carry case that looks really nice and presentable and also comes with a 2 year warrantee. Though the price is a little over the top, however it is something that you can still consider to spend on when you think about an ear bud that can blend a perfect fit and lots of features.

B&W C5 In-Ear Headphones

Sound quality enhanced thanks to the features

When we talk about the sound quality of this ear bud, the first thing is pointed out is the fact that the sound cancellation of these ear buds is really good. This is thanks to the way it has been designed. These ear buds  provide the right amount of clarity with high’s that are crisp, mid’s which are clear and a bass that is just perfect.


Design of the ear bud

Thanks to the way these ear buds are designed, they help to bridge the gap and ensure that unnecessary noise is blocked. Though they are compact it doesn’t stop them from being one of the best choices a person can make. They come along with a mic which means that you can use them to even talk on the phone apart from listening to music.

B&W C5 In-Ear Headphones in ear

Other features and benefits of this ear bud

The Bowers and Wilkins C5-S2 ear bud also has a filter which is called as Micro Porous. This filter is like a diffuser that helps to ensure that the sound coming out of these ear buds is expansive and rich. Another good thing about this ear bud is the fact that the loop is cushioned to curls perfectly into the user’s ear while making sure that it stays in plays and provides a comfortable wearing experience.


RHA T 10i ear buds Review

For those who do not want to buy an ear bud that is made from plastic, the RHA T10i is something that you can consider. This is made from stainless steel and when you buy this ear bud set, you will get various kinds of accessories that come along with it.  This particular headphones comes with two options, the first being only a set of headphones and the other that comes along with a mic and remote with a very little margin of price difference.

RHA T10i High Fidelity, Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone

Classic style with sturdy body

This Scottish brand is made from stainless steel is engineered to ensure that it fits well inside the ears.  It is well rafted and comes with a copper cable that is oxygen free along with a plug which is gold plated to add to the richness of the way it looks. Since they are made of stainless steel, they are not very light and may not appeal to those who love light weight ear buds.

Performance of the ear bud

These ear buds help in noise isolation and has a filter system that helps to tune the sound so that it adjusts automatically to help get a good clarity. These filters are interchangeable and comes along with a holder. The cable that is attached to the ear buds is 1.35m in length and is a high end cable. The copper cores are oxygen free ads on to the overall performance of the ear bud.


Design of the RHAFT10i

If you look at the design, these ear buds an fit any sized ear since they designed to ensure that they sit well inside the year. They are also designed to make sure that they are comfortable while worn and does not harm the user in any way. They have the ability to give you a surround experience.

Bose sound sport in ear

The Bose sound sport in-ear ear bud is known for its great design, perfect fit, good quality material, added accessories for better results, classic colors, great performance, value for money, light weight and portable, what more characteristics can be put into the list when you talk about an ear bud that is perfect for you. These ear buds are a perfect thing that can be considered when you want to have something that is not bulky but still performs really well. At the end of the day, we all want to make sure that the money we pay for a product lives up to our expectations.

RHA T10i High Fidelity, Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone

Performance of the ear bud

When we talk about performance, we look out for an ear bud that is clear in every way. Be it the bass, the treble and even the quality of the sound everything plays a vital role. Well these ear buds will give you just the right blend of all stereo imaging dynamics, low distortion, bass and treble which when put together results in a clear outcome and experience of listening to music.  They have a stereo sound output along with an inbuilt volume control feature

Design and style

 While they fit perfectly into the ear, the quality of the way these ear buds are built is really good. The plastic that is used for the body is of a really good quality. They are also designed to protect the ears as well as isolate any kind of external noise while the person is using it. They are known to be lightweight and compact and can be stored easily. They come in different colors blue, green and orange.

Suitable for any device and easy to carry

These ear buds can be used on any kind of MP3 player, tablets, mobile phones and even computers and have a built-in mic along with it. They come with a special case that is designed to ensure that these ear buds are protected properly when not in use.