best bluetooth earbuds under 50 for 2016

Are you willing to get yourself best Bluetooth neckband earbuds to make your music hours more refreshing? If you want to buy best Bluetooth earbuds under 50 dollar that serves your need best with their flexible design & best to fit around the neck securely and comfortably. These in earbuds are also engineered carefully with the latest technology and features all amenities that you are looking for.

Here you will find:

Best Earbuds under 50$ in 2016

This neckband headset form Paragala is a wireless headset that helps you enjoy music anytime and anywhere. If Workouts at gym seem to you boring; you can use this headset to keep your mind relaxed to keep away the boredom.

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; this set is made from soft silicon which make it comfortable wearing.  The In-built microphone helps you to answer calls without requiring the headphone to be removed each time.

This set comes with a lithium battery of 200mah which offers you with 10 and 8 hours of call time and music time respectively. Surprisingly; this bluetooth earbuds can retain power upto 16 days from it is last charged.


Compatible for Apple and Android audio devices; this neckband headset from TryAce allows you to enjoy connectivity with 2 phones together without even letting you miss any of the calls from any of these phones.

This brand new product uses CSR Bluetooth stereotype chip which enables it to support Bluetooth V4.0. Also its battery life longevity helps in providing you uninterrupted service for a longer duration.

Being light weighted; you will find it comfortable putting it all day round your neck. This Bluetooth earbuds neckband is one of the cheapest available in the market.


This is one of the largest selling Bluetooth neckband earphones which prove its preference among the users. Using CRS Bluetooth stereo chip. This product is compatible with all audio devices running with Bluetooth 4.0. Engineered with the magnetic attraction technology.

This neckband headset is capable of supporting APT-X lossless audio as well. This headset comes with a durable battery life capable of functioning at standby upto 200 hours. Also the light weighted neck strap makes it safe and comfortable wearing.


Designed exclusively by LG. This is one of the bestselling Bluetooth neckband earphones for better bass and audio response. It features Bluetooth profile A2DP and is capable of supporting APT-X lossless audio.

To keep you away from the unwanted outdoor noise; plugging in this headset is the best option. Also it features the unique Text to Speech technology of conversion. The enhanced battery life provides uninterrupted services for around 10 hours (music) and another 15 hours for calls.

Once accustomed to it; it will surely be like a neck worn always tangled round your neck. Get this headset to enjoy your music hours.


Integrated with CVC 6.0 Stereo chip; it supports Bluetooth V 4.1. Designed carefully; this headset is capable of eliminating the outdoor noise. Also being capable of keeping away sweat and water; this is one of the first being highly recommended for sportspersons.

You can connect this headset with 2 devices at the same time and also enjoy calls from both of these devices. The control buttons are also safe and comfortable for being used by the first time users as well.

With a long lasting battery life; you can use it anywhere since it possesses the ability to function for 300 hours at random in standby mode. This is one of the best Bluetooth earphones from the house of SoundPEATS which you will always relish having.


Compatible with Bluetooth V4.0 and 4.1; this neckband headset is suitable; for use Android and Apple audio devices. Being engineered from sweat proof and water proof material. This Bluetooth earbuds neckband meets your needs.

Its high bass and crystal clear audio quality helps you to keep yourself away from the outdoor buzz engrossed in your favorite track. Yet another one best for sportsperson; this headset comes with Mic which enables you to take phone calls while listening to music. This set seems handy for use with a remote designed to adjust the volume, pausing the music or rewinding or fast-forwarding it.


This headset is designed especially for Apple audio devices. The neckband style headset from JIAKE is compatible with Bluetooth V 4.0 allowing you to enjoy connection with 2 devices at a time. The battery power supports 15 day service in standby mode with music and talk time of upto 10 hours.

This headset features remote control for controlling the volume, answering calls, rejecting, ending, transferring, and redial, pause music, play music, fast forward and rewind. Made from alloy; the band fits flexibly around your neck making its use comfortable.


The Razer Hammerhead Headset is grilled with a performance that the music lovers can enjoy. With the featured bass in the headphone, there is a lot to talk about for the people.

The crystal clear audio experience of the earphone is engaged with passive noise cancellation capabilities. If one has to choose an earphone under good price

My vote of attraction definitely will go to Razer Hammerhead Headset which is ready to make you go crazy. The headset has compatibility in the price range as well as the sleek design is very attractive indeed.

The earbuds come with a good quality without popping out from the ears even after a long use and consider it as best bass earbuds in your budget.


Listening to music has never been so fulfilling until you attempt the JLab Core Hi-Fi earbuds — these are one of the best earbuds out there for best earbuds for your budget! Almost no approaches the sound quality in addition to plan stylish design of these earbuds.

The listening power of these headphones is certain to attract you — the sound quality is astonishing and useful for diversity in music classifications. The bass is so up to the mark that it turns the people to love the earphones. The mids and highs are adjusted and don’t conflict with one another.  The sound is full, fresh, and completely clear and so is the smooth frequency of the earphone.

Noise isolation isn’t an issue for these earbuds either, as it accompanies an in-ear plan that can keep your music private and implied for your ears and thus you can opt for this earbuds as the best noise isolating earbuds.

One of the best things is the earbuds which fit in comfortably to the ears without getting out even after hours of usage. The build quality of the earphones is exceptional portraying layers of longevity.


MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-1

Universal Fit Noise Isolating In Ear Monitors – No compelling reason to stress over listening to different sounds while you are utilizing this item since this element will permit you to simply hear the melodies that you might want to listen to.

Studio Tuned Sound – Stressed that the sound quality won’t be in the same class as you would need it to be? No compelling reason to stress over this since you can make sure that sounds you will hear are completely clear. The bass sounds can be extraordinary too.

MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-2

 Detachable Cables – Something that typically breakdown when headphones are being utilized are the links. This time, you can make certain that the links will be stronger since they are separable. No compelling reason to stress over anything by any means.

MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-3

 Superior Fit and Comfort – Something that you might be agonized over is the way this can tumble off when you are utilizing it however this can offer unrivaled fit and solace so you realize this won’t tumble off.


Zeimax Q38i Super Bass Inear Headphone

 Soft Silicon Ear tips – You can make sure that you will have the capacity to locate the right silicon ear tips regardless of what ear sort you as of now have. You can have one that is little, medium or substantial relying upon what you require.

 In ear Canal Design – You can make certain this will be viable in giving sound disengagement so you will have the capacity to hear only the music that you are listening to when you are listening to music.

 16 – Ohm Impedance – This makes it perfect for listening to different phones, tablets and other music players that you have. You can utilize it for practically anything, any device that you might have.

 Awesome for all types of music – Not at all like different earphones wherein you would need to listen to different sorts of tunes with the goal that you can acknowledge how the earphones work, you can make certain this can be awesome for a wide range of music.