How to choose light weight headphones?


Buying Guide for Light Weight headphones

Headphones have become one of the most important accessories that is not just used when a person is sitting at home or at work, however it is also used when a person is travelling and many of us kill time by listening to our favorite music with a headphone. Today people not just look out for a headphone that they would use, but also look out for the different features that are present in the headphone which gives them a better experience. With the various kinds of features that are present in different kinds of headphones today it can be really confusing as to how to choose one that is perfect for you.  For those who are wondering how to choose a good headphone, here are a few tips that can help you understand the different factors to keep in mind.

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Type of headphones

There are different styles of headphones that are worn in different ways and fit into a person’s ear. When you are planning to buy a headphone, the first thing you need to consider is the kind of headphone form you would want depending on the kind of music you would be listening to.  There are three main form factors, they are

Ear buds

– these are earpieces that are very tiny and go right into the person’s ears. They are also known as in ear headphone and are very cheap. They are generally given as freebies when you buy any kind of music gadget like an iPod. They fit right into the ear canal and some can go pretty deep inside. They are portable on nature and some of them even help to block external noises and are comfortable to wear. Not everyone e would find this comfortable as it is purely based on the person’s comfort level.

Ear pads

– These are one of the most popular forms today and are worth consideration since they offer a variety of features. They do not cover the person’s ears completely which can also result in the sounds leaking out or coming in while you are using them. They are generally really comfortable to wear and can provide a really good listening experience while wearing them.

Headphones that are full sized

– These headphones cover the person’s ears completely are really large or bulky to look at. They come in both close and open variations making them perfect for professional use even while you at home. They provide a really good bass, sound clarity and isolation but can also be pretty uncomfortable to wear for a long time considering that a person may end up having sweaty ears. These are portable but can take up a certain amount of space.

Features of the headphone

Apart from choosing the kind of headphone you would like to opt for another thing that a person has to consider is the kind of features they are looking for. This decision can be made based on where they are going to be used and also the environment in where they are going to be used. The features of the headphones will also help you to make a choice depending on what exactly you are looking for. Some features would include

Noise Cancellation

– Just as the name suggests, the whole idea of opting for such a feature is to cancel the external noise from disturbing you. They are really effective but can be on the high end when it comes to the price. In some cases, you may be required to use a battery while some do not depending on the model that you choose. If you want a feature like this, then it would be best to opt for the full sized headphones.

Noise isolation

– People generally get confused between the two, but the difference is that with headphones which have an isolation feature, it blocks the external noise and helps to retain the noise of the music inside They are a lot more cheaper to buy and do not require batteries to work. It is not essential that a noise isolation headphone can conceals the sound. There is a very thin line between the two and it is important to understand the difference between them.

Wired or Wireless– You also need to consider if you would like to have a wired or wireless headphones. While each of them has their own benefits and drawbacks, however this also plays a vital role when you are selecting a headphone. While wired headphones can work on any kind of devices, wireless ones work on Bluetooth and require you to have that kind of feature or even a USB slot to attach the dongle that comes along with it. There are different kinds of models that are available in both categories. Even the best companies like Sony, Bose, and Philips etc. have really good headphones which can be wired or wireless.

Testing headphones

Now that you know the form and features of headphones, the next thing that plays a vital role in the selection process knows how to make a decision. If you go to a physical store to buy a headphone, you have the benefit of actually going ahead and getting a test sound to understand the kind of sound output the headphone has as well as speak to a person to get all the necessary information and clear you doubts.

Reviews can help a lot

Reviews give you a good base to help a person understand how the particular headphone they wish to buy works. The reviews can be in a written format or even in the form of a video. They tell you all about the different features and also lets the person know about the pros and cons about the headphone. They are also the perfect way to help a person narrow down on their decision on what headphone they would like to take and even shows you what you can expect. This can beneficial if you are planning to buy them online as well as go to the physical store.

Understanding where to buy

The next important decision that you would have to make is where you would like to go ahead and buy your headphones. When you are deciding where you can get your headphones, you have the choice of either getting one online or going to the physical store. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

The internet

Today a lot of people prefer buying headphones from the internet as they get a lot of deals and discounts as well as combo offers; it also gives a person the benefit of placing the order for their headphones whenever they want and get it delivered directly at the address that is suitable for them.  Another good thing about buying a headphone online is the fact that you get to choose from a variety of headphones and also get the benefit of comparing prices for the same product so that you can save money.

The physical store

Going to the physical store has its own sets of pros and cons, while on one end you get the benefit of actually getting to look at the kind of headphone physically and even get a chance to take a test run. On the other hand, due to the fact that stores are not open 24 hours, you have to visit it during the time when they are opened.  This is something that not many people choose to do. When you visit the store, you also get to have the benefit to trying other headphones to understand the difference and get to check the sound quality. In case you are not sure of things you can get help by asking a professional to guide you accordingly.

Warranty and Durability

Let’s face it, no matter what product we choose, the warranty and durability of the product plays a very vital role. When a person invests their money, they want something that will last them for a long time. It is no use investing money on a product that is not of a good quality and can break easily. Manufactures offer a warrantee period when a person buys their product in case there is some technical problem that may be the reason for the product to malfunction or not work. In such cases, they will go ahead and replace their products if it is not a mistake from the user’s end. Some companies have a really good warranty service.

Comfort while wearing them

It is also important that you should consider the comfort factor while you are selecting a headphone. If you are wearing them for a very long time, you do not want to end up with sweaty ears or having an uncomfortable feeling due to the fact that they material that is used for manufacturing the headphone is hard. When you are considering the comfort factor, you also need to make sure that the materials of the headphone should allow give you a breathing space. The comfort factor also depends on how sturdy the headphone is. Apart from wearing them, the comfort factor also revolves around the different features and benefits that come along with the headphone

Quality of the sound

Let’s face it, the main reason why we even consider buying a headphone is due to the fact that we want a good sound quality. This is the most essential factors that even determine the kind of headphones you would want to consider. For those who want a really good output, you can go ahead and opt for the professional headphones that are available in the market. However if you want something that is not very loud, then you have other options as well. Your choice of headphones will also depend on the kind of music that you like to listen to. There are different kinds of instruments and genres of music and the sound quality can either enhance or reduce the experience of listening to music.  For those who love to listen to music that is full of loud beats like the techno music or trance, then a bass headphone is what you could consider.

Your budget and value for money

While all the above factors are really important it is also necessary that you should consider what your budget it. Today you can get really good headphones at a very good rate. No matter what your budget may be it is also important that that the amount you pay for your headphone should be the real value for what you pay. The quality of the product is what determines if you have got the true value for the money that you have invested.

Taking a look at the specifications

In order to make a decision on the kind of headphone you can choose, it is important that you should have a look at the specification of the headphone which can help you understand what you are getting for yourself. The specification’s give you all the necessary details as well as lets you know the different kinds of features that the headphone has to offer. The specifications all provide the technical information that comes in handy for a person. The specifications also highlight the benefits of choosing the particular model.

It is not necessary that it is essential that if you pay more you will end up getting a good pair of headphones. The quality of the headphones is purely based on the various factors that revolved around the way the product work. The terms expensive and budget are subjective as you can get a good quality headphone at a cheap rate or even a bad quality headphone at an expensive rate. While deciding it is always best to sit and think properly on what you really want from your headphone. You also need to keep in mind the way it is going to be used and even the kind of style you would like to have.  Headphones come in various colors sizes and shapes, it is important that when you choose a headset, it should be comfortable to wear.