LSTN- A True Sound Company


We promised and we are at it! In the series of Reviews for Brands in Sound Technology, we have LSTN for you today

LSTN is an audio product manufacturing company. It is located in Los Angeles, California. LSTN was founded in the year 2011 in November and launched online officially on April 2013. The company works on producing one of the best headphones in the classic, stylish, unique and sophisticated forms. It produces different audio products like Headphones, ear buds, and Bluetooth speakers. All LSTN are made keeping in mind consumers style, need and comfort. For the best sound quality and durability products, each of their audio products is tested extensively.

Earphones are created from different wood material like ebony, cherry, zebra, beech wood and many more which makes each of their product stands out. LSTN aims to create global awareness for hearing loss and hearing impairment people.

In a short period of 3 years, it has helped 20,000 people. Every purchase made from LSTN helps someone to hear for the first time. LSTN also collaborated with the charity partners for the needy. The ear buds and headphones and other products offers amazing sound system implementing cutting edge technology. It has crispy highs and impressive bass system to get the right sound in. Some of the collections from the ear buds of LSTN are:

  • Bamboo Wembley Ear buds
  • Cherry wood bowerys with Microphone
  • Walnut Wood Satellite speakers

Let’s review them one by one:

Bamboo Wembley Earbud Review:

These earbuds offers ultimate luxury to the ears. They provide impeccable sound system. It is known to provide beyond the power sound in the market. They are featured for the use of answering/hanging calls, listening songs, recordings and many purposeful microphone uses. It has super clear sounds and the volume control provided with handy and comfortable mains.


Bamboo ear buds drivers are surrounded with bamboo wood providing a far beyond sound technology. These funny shaped earbuds make you fall in love with them anytime. It comes with standard sleek travel bag to carry on your journey. It has a rubbery cable for flexible folding in your pouch or space crisis .


Bamboo earbuds includes the in line volume and pause and play control to give a perfect fit to your ears. They are acoustically meant to offer high volume and quality bass and sound.


Bamboo earbuds are highly compatible with the generation’s smartphones and gadgets. For iphones, ipads and ipods these earbuds make it easy to attach and detach at your convenience. They work on Android phones, tablets, Notes and other OS.

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It comes with a protective bag that is travel friendly and looking new all time. Bamboo ear buds have a one year warranty with an amazing customer service anytime. You can order it online or buy from the nearby stores. There’s a flexible option of Drop and Spill protection with a little extra charges.


Cherry wood bowerys Ear buds with Microphone Review:

These cherry colored ear buds are made from wood that has an amazing color and polish. It creates a balance of sound with its richness in the outer appearance. They are vibrant, lightweight and extremely high quality sound.  And the interesting thing about this pair of ear buds are they come with an in – line microphone.

wood earphones

They are stylish, vibrant and cool for youngsters to become the ear candy. The cherry color adds richness for appearance as well as the unbeatable sound system. It has 8.8 mm of drivers that are encapsulated in the cherry coated wood.

wood earbuds

The unbeatable sound system of the cherry wood pair of ear buds has created a rage among the youngsters. It comes with an in-line microphone feature where you can attend the calls anywhere anytime. The built in microphones let you receive calls and conference calls at your end.

wood earphones

They are made of highly durable nylon cable which makes it for long term use. It weighs for about .8 ounce which is lighter in weight for the convenient use.

They are less expensive compare to bamboo wembley ear buds. It comes with a warranty period for any damages or return within the time period. It also comes with a drawstring bag handcrafted with durable material. They are travel friendly and can be kept clean in this bag.


Ebony wood Bowerys Ear buds Review:

Ebony ear buds are made of high quality ebony wood that is handcrafted. They are portable and can be carried anywhere without compromising the high quality sound system. They are acoustically tuned to provide high quality sounds and effects at your service.  It boasts of loud and premium sound and bass effect.

ebony wood earphones

They are classy pair of ear buds that has 8.8 mm of drivers fitted inside the ebony wood.  It is made of real wood with a handcrafted design.


They are tuned to give high crisps of sound. These pair of ear buds has an in built microphone which is convenient for receiving and answering calls at a go. Every penny spent on these pair goes a part to the charitable trust which gives a sense of responsibility to every individual.

ebony wood

These ear buds has a great level of compatibility for all the new generation gadgets and smart phones.


They are durable and travel friendly. And you can rely on the warranty period for any damage issues.


Final note:

[usr 4.5]

LSTN products are highly reliable and provide services at your convenience. They work on charity organizations that can be helpful to the needy with your support. The warranty period ensures you love your product to the core. It makes sure the take back option for the 30 days of purchase/buying. All the audio products manufactured by LSTN come with a warranty period. You can even give your feedback and expect the response within a short period of time. They are user friendly and sell only the authentic and high quality products.